Vivid & Visible

Do you want to be more visible in your brand, but are experiencing any of the following?

  • The nagging anxiety of imposter syndrom: “I don’t have…xyz…so I’m not a real ______.”
  • The paralysing fear of perfection paralysis: “As soon as I…xyz…then I’ll share my story.”
  • The intimidation of the social media world: “I have no idea what to say or what to share.”

We created Vivid & Visible to offer a safe space, with “real” people to learn these skills, conquor your fears, and actually come away with new visual assets for your brand.

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Day 1

A transformational learning experience featuring:

  • Annie Hieronymus – Brand Story Director, Vivid Reveal
    Everyday Heroes: Harness the Superpower of Vulnerability
  • Jackie Meldrum – Relationship Coach, Making Your Own Bed
    Finding You: Lighting the Path to your True Self
  • Lani Grass – Personal Brand Coach, Backstage with Lani
    Your Brand Promise: Create a Name for Yourself with Powerful Words 

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Day 2

Create authentic visuals in a supportive and fun environment:

  • Emily Mercer – Professional Hair & Makeup, Emily Mercer Beauty
    Hands-on Hair and Makeup: Learn to Elevate, not Mask, your Most Valuable Business Asset
  • Irina Negrean – Portrait Photography, Irina Negrean Photography
    You Don’t Have to Smile: Empowerment Portrait Photography
  • Crystal McMonnies – Lifestyle Photography, Cyrstal McMonnies Photography
    Storytelling Portraits: Celebrate your Brave, Authentic Self

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  • How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
    Email with any questions and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Can I attend only 1 of the 2 days?
    No, these two days are designed to give you maximum value.  The purpose is to learn, clarify, and create, so you can connect with your story.

Join this new community of like-minded, authentic professionals. Reserve your space now. We can’t wait to see you and for you to be seen!


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