It doesn’t matter how good your visuals are if they don’t convey your message.

And vice versa, if you have an amazing message, but don’t yet have amazing visuals to highlight it, you have an opportunity to reinvent how your audience sees you.

Menu of Creative Services


Headshots / Portraits

Storytelling Images

Authentic Stock


Marketing Content


Authentic Video Stock


Logo & Branding

Marketing Collateral



Your Authentic Stock

Because I believe that you should utilize every great image, video and graphic that we create, I’ve structured my pricing differently than most commercial creatives. My purpose is to truly partner with you for the long term and so I believe in an all-inclusive customer experience. It takes so much time and energy for you to pick your absolute favorite assets to stay within budget. I say—let’s set the budget first and then just create and everything we produce together is yours within our licensing agreement.

Core Story Set Up Options

It’s time to talk about some tangible assets and timelines now that you understand how important it is to focus on clarifying your story first.


Custom Length Program

Full Menu of Services

Clarify Program

Creative Direction

V.A.U.L.T. Set up & Management

Copy Editing


3 months

Clarify Program

2 Full Day Photo+Video Shoots

All visual assets with commercial license

V.A.U.L.T. Set Up


6 weeks

Clarify Strategy Session

1, 2 hour shoot

All visual assets with commercial license

Digital Asset Strategy Session

Additional a la carte services and deliverables available for all options.
You will receive a custom proposal at the end of a Reveal Session.

Ongoing Subscription Options

Whether you are just starting out or are launching an international campaign, Vivid Reveal offers multiple levels of service to fit your needs. We can get you all set up and you can take it from there, or we can provide ongoing visual assets to keep your story current.


~40 hours a month

Full Menu of Services

Monthly shoots


~12 hours a month

A select menu of services

Shoots every other month


~4 hours a month

A select menu of services

Quarterly shoots

Additional a la carte services and deliverables available for all options.
You can opt-in for an ongoing subscription immediately or after the Set-Up time period is over.

Feeling unsure about how you can unlock the potential of visual storytelling?

For a limited time, Vivid Reveal is offering a complimentary Reveal Session. We’ll:

  • Learn each other’s stories
  • Discuss your messaging and visuals
  • Share visual storytelling tips and tricks
  • Strategize about your next best steps

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