Here’s what you may be experiencing:

  • You feel overwhelmed with where to start so you end up paralyzed.
  • You feel like your message should look a certain way, but you believe you authentic assets are too expensive so you resort to using stock photos.
  • You feel frustrated because even though you’re sharing your message everywhere, your sales and business aren’t growing.

You don’t have to feel like this. There’s a better way.

The Clarify Program

As a commercial photographer, I knew that I couldn’t possibly create impactful images for my clients if I didn’t understand their core story. So I implemented the Clarify Program as a way to create more impactful photos for my clients.

I soon realized that my clients were experiencing a transformative way to think about and share their message in their marketplace. They found value before the first snap of my shutter.

You can serve your purpose while growing your business and meeting your financial goals.

Storytelling is universal. You will also find value in clarifying your authentic message and sharing your visual story on any marketing channel—yes even the free ones! Don’t worry, Vivid Reveal still specializes in schmancy, high-production visuals to fit any of your needs.

So how do we start?

Through the age-old Socratic method of question and answer, we’ll clarify the core principals and underlying purpose of your business.

Then, we storyboard what your purpose and principals look, feel, and sound like.

Finally, we examine the rest of the storytelling elements including the characters, heroes, and enemies that will emotionally resonate with your target audience.

And when you’ve completed the program, you’ll have:

  • Visual stories that illustrate your principals and core purpose
  • Visual avatars that represent your target audience and heroes
  • Pain points and enemies common between you and your target audience
  • A visual storytelling language that’s simple to remember and incredibly effective
  • A system to organize and find your visual assets for efficient, frustration-free implementation
  • An ongoing, consistent visual strategy that will always be relevant because it’s based on your true story

There’s no mystery.

You don’t have to guess.

No more throwing spaghetti on the wall.


The Clarify Program is offered in the following ways:

  • A la carte as a one-day all intensive or two, three-hour sessions
  • Phase I of a Landmark Core Set Up
  • Epic Subscription

Feeling unsure about how you can unlock the potential of visual storytelling?

For a limited time, Vivid Reveal is offering a complimentary Reveal Session. We’ll:

  • Learn each other’s stories
  • Discuss your messaging and visuals
  • Share visual storytelling tips and tricks
  • Strategize about your next best steps

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