Annie Hieronymus


I’m Annie Hieronymus,

founder of Vivid Reveal.

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  • Explanation of Vivid Reveal’s 360 Brand Evolution Program that includes the following steps:
    • Clarify
    • Audit
    • Develop
    • Implement
    • Measure
    • Refine
    • Continue


  • Who is Vivid Reveal–experience, philosophy and purpose.
  • How I work.
  • What to expect.
  • And more.

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How does Annie put her purpose into action?

In Business

Annie transformed Vivid Reveal from a commercial photography company into a brand storytelling agency so that she could provide more value, and better fulfill her purpose of creating more connection in the world. Connection happens only after we’ve earned trust, and trust takes time. Everything from the structure of her subscription programs, to the types of services Vivid Reveal provides is based on this principal.

Collaboration with Strategic Partners:

Annie believes in brining in the very best creative and strategic partners onto projects for her clients when appropriate. Some of the partners’ specialties include: market research, market strategy, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, business and sales strategists, digital marketing, SEO, social media, web design and hosting, as well as copywriting and editing.


Annie believes in donating her time and resources to local and national non-profits. She also believes that she can have an impact on her community just by living her best life and sharing that practice with everyone around her.

Annie was nominated as one of the top five Impactful People of 2018 in the greater Portland area.

The next generation: No. 2 Pencil Films

One of the ways Annie gives back is by mentoring her daughter’s high school videography crew. No. 2 Pencil Films offers non-profits and businesses low-cost videography to explore their creative selves, build their portfolio, gain experience running a business, and make gas money!

Fun Facts About Annie

  • Is allergic to the color blue? Yup. Cobalt is a chemical used in blue dye for things like blue jeans.
  • Has three daughters, Ella, Avery, and Caeli.
  • Has lived in NJ.
  • Graduated from the Honor’s Program at WSU in three years with an English/Business degree and minor in Public Relations.
  • Has been married to the boy she used to stalk in high school since 1998.
  • Took one of her very first photography classes in Pennsylvania.
  • Is an award winning home brewer. She won first place in the winter Mashfest 2019 with a Peppermint Porter.
  • Loves to play cribbage.
  • Has recorded an EP (no you can’t listen to it) with her acoustic, singer-songwriter band Shirley Blue.
  • Got talked into having three pets: two crested geckos named Cocoa and Ginger, and a parakeet named Basil.