I’m Annie Hieronymus,
founder of Vivid Reveal.


I created Vivid Reveal to help business owners realize they can be their most-successful, fulfilled selves when they align their business to their core principles.

I’ve been on a life long journey to consistently achieve that goal for myself. Along the way, I realized I possess some consulting gifts and have learned brand marketing skills that I can share with other business owners so they can achieve their goals too.


Truth  ⏣  Connection  ⏣  Opportunity

Vivid Reveal’s Journey

Annie Hieronymus founded Vivid Reveal in 2017 after 20+ years of combined experience as an executive recruiter, freelance copy editor, commercial photographer, graphic designer, creative director, and brand strategist as well as a PTA mom, elementary school art docent and mentor to a high school aged film company.

Collaboration with Strategic Partners

Annie believes in bringing in the very best creative and strategic partners onto projects with her clients when appropriate.
Some of the partners’ specialties include: market research, market strategy, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, business and sales strategists, digital marketing, SEO, social media, web design and hosting, copywriting and editing, financial consulting, and life coaching.
brand marketing in vancouver Washington camas Washington portland Oregon vivid reveal
Brand Marketing Consultant Vivid Reveal Strategic Partner commercial photographer

Above: Irina Negrean Photography shows model Alisha Seymour a “back of the camera” shot.

Left: Chad “Diamond” Dann of Grindstone Films captures an authentic moment with Emily Powers, interior designer and owner of Three-sixty Interiors. Chris Erickson of CRE8 Impact Media Productions captures “behind the scenes” for Vivid Reveal.


Annie believes in donating her time and resources to local and national non-profits. She also believes that she can have an impact on her community just by living her best life and sharing that practice with everyone around her.

Beginning in April 2020, Annie has been donating two hours every week to offer complimentary strategy sessions to small business owners to help them survive and thrive during the COVID-19 quarantine.
Annie is a member of TAG – Table Agency Group that recently put on the workshop: Rise Up! An Event for Companies who won’t Stay Down that raised more than $6,000 for three Vancouver, WA charities.
Impactful People nominated Annie as a top five Impactful Woman in the greater Portland area in 2018.
bullitt building green seattle storytelling image for community service
storytelling image proof of community service kesmodel family camas wa annie hieronymus vivid reveal small business marketing consulting vancouver wa

Top: The Kesmodel Family. Annie volunteers as the commercial photographer for her hometown magazine: Camas Life

Bottom: Keg Toss. Annie volunteers to photograph multiple local events like The Vancouver Brewfest in Esther Short Park Vancouver, WA

Left: Annie joined Just a Girl in Camas and Double Pixel in interviewing Denis Hayes, founder of Earth Day. This is the top floor conference room at the Bullitt Building, the most “green” building in the world. Seattle, WA

keg toss vancouver brewfest vivid reveal small business marketing consulting vancouver wa annie hieronymus

The next generation: No. 2 Pencil Films


One of the ways Annie gives back is by mentoring her daughter’s high school videography crew. No. 2 Pencil Films offers non-profits and businesses low-cost videography to explore their creative selves, build their portfolio, gain experience running a business, and make gas money!

Thank you Irina Negrean Photography for these fun pics!


Casey, Maddie, Ella, and Caitlin

No. 2 Pencil Film Crew

The No. 2 Pencil Film Crew is comprised of Camas High School students. This crew is hilarious, generous, and wicked talented. They effortlessly produce commercial-grade brand content for small businesses and non-profits…when they don’t have any homework.

Fun Facts About Annie

⏣ Is allergic to the color blue? Yup. Cobalt is a chemical used in blue dye for things like blue jeans.

⏣ Has three daughters, Ella, Avery, and Caeli.

⏣ Has lived in NJ.

⏣ Graduated from the Honor’s Program at WSU in three years with an English/Business degree and minor in Public Relations.

⏣ Has been married to the boy she used to stalk in high school since 1998.

⏣ Took one of her very first photography classes in Pennsylvania.

⏣ Is an award winning home brewer. She won first place in the winter Mashfest 2019 with a Peppermint Porter.

⏣ Loves to play cribbage.

⏣ Has recorded an EP (no you can’t listen to it) with her acoustic, singer-songwriter band Shirley Blue.

⏣ Was talked into three pets: two crested geckos named Cocoa and Ginger, and a green cheek conure who thinks she is a person, Zira.

annie hieronymus and green cheek conure zira about page
Hieronymus family photo for about page vivid reveal

Wow you’ve made it allllll the way down here. Thank you so much for your interest. I’m really not used to “all of this.” What do I mean? I mean posting pictures of myself on my website, social media, etc. My brand and purpose are to vividly live my life as truthfully as I possibly can, but I’m actually an introvert. I am much more comfortable being behind the lens, in the background, thinking, writing, and creating. I am not a performer and am often uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups. But. I know that the best way to change the world is to be the change I want to see. So here I am, everywhere. I hope my example gives you some courage to feel like every little part of your journey is important, valuable, and absolutely critical to share if you want to create true connections in your business.

I am so grateful to have a professional photographer I can hire for my business and personal portraits. Doesn’t Irina Negrean do amazing work?!

You know, life has not always been smiles and rainbows. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and live with, and learn from, Clinical Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and OCD. I’ve just started blogging and will be sharing the good the bad and the ugly of my past and present to help others know that no matter what their circumstances are, they are valuable and lovable just as they are. I believe that all people are born equal and deserve to be free to live their true life with acceptance, happiness, and love. That’s the road I’m on. If you are too, I’d love to connect and get to know your story. Peace.