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We at Vivid Reveal value truth, love and courage. We believe a future of justice, freedom, and acceptance is possible. We feel emotional intelligence is necessary to increase self awareness and empathy within ourselves and for our community. We commit to evolving our actions to support and be helpful to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, and all other marginalized communities. We are actively seeking ways to collaborate, partner, and expand our connections with business owners and clients in these communities.

Empowering You so that Your Business can Empower Others 

Vivid Reveal provides Consulting, Creative, and Coaching sessions in an all digital platform to provide you with what you need now. 
We offer custom, do-it-with-you services that help you learn, strengthen, and grow your proficiencies in:
Emotional Intelligence Brand Strategy
Effective Communication
Visual Storytelling Content Creation



How can I support you?

Who & Why is Vivid Reveal?

Purpose, Passion, and Vision

Annie Hieronymus founded Vivid Reveal as a way to serve her life purpose: create opportunities where others feel empowered to be their true selves. She has 20+ years of professional and life experience in the following relevant fields:
〉 small business owner
〉 consultant, strategist, coach
〉 professional photographer
〉 copy editor
〉 mom

How do we help?

Emotional Intelligence, Storytelling and Design

We believe businesses should be as evolved as the people within them. Our guiding principles include:
〉 truth
〉 vulnerability
〉 empathy
〉 connection
〉 courage

What are our specialties?

Consulting, Strategy and Training

Vivid Reveal is a boutique consulting agency that offers do-it-with-you:
〉 marketing
〉 brand
〉 visuals
〉 communications
〉 creative direction
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Evolve your brand from the inside out.

Are you feeling like something is “off,” but you’re not sure what will help. Ask yourself, 


Are you experiencing any of the following:


〉Overwhelmed.  “I don’t know how to start.”


〉Scattered. “I feel like I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to make a difference.”


〉Reactive. “All I’m doing is putting out fires. This is not what I thought owning a business would be like.”


And you would rather feel…


〉Confident. “I know and can communicate exactly who I am, why I’m in business, and what our purpose is.”


〉Aligned. “I have a roadmap that I can follow so I know that every decision we make will be aligned with our core purpose and principles.”


〉Fulfilled. “I’m spending the majority of my time doing exactly what I want to do while my business continues to grow and evolve.”


…but you’re still not sure how Vivid Reveal can help you transform your business ↓



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⏣ Design your business around your life

⏣ Fulfill your purpose with principles

⏣ Succeed on your own terms




client of Vivid Reveal Brand Marketing Consultant, Vancouver, Camas, WA
Vivid Reveal's Brand Marketing Consultant client Silvia Schaeffer Design
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Vivid Reveal's Brand Marketing Consulting client, Kelli Loo CPA
brand marketing consultant in vancouver Washington camas Washington portland Oregon vivid reveal
Vivid Reveal Brand Marketing client A. L. Merryman
Brand Marketing Consultant, Vancouver, Camas, WA
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