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360 Brand Evolution



Transform your brand with a marketing roadmap to success.


Vivid Reveal’s Brand Marketing Consulting helps you get unstuck with the 360 Brand Evolution platform.

Your brand is way more than just your logoit’s everything people think, feel, experience, and remember about your business.

The 360 Brand Evolution process helps you answer the following questions:

          ⏣ Who am I and why am I in business?
          ⏣ Who is my audience and what are their challenges?
          ⏣  What words and visuals will capture the attention of my potential customers?
          ⏣ How do I create a dialogue that resonates with customers and leads to “yes?”
          ⏣ How do I know if what I’m doing is working?
          ⏣ Now that I know, what do I need to tweak to achieve my goals?
The 360 Brand Evolution is now available in a completely virtual consulting format. There’s no better time to strengthen the foundation of your business.

*Coming in June 2020! We’ll be offering 360 Brand Evolution in an eLearning video masterclass option.

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Clarify the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of your business.


Connect your personal values to your business’s purpose and principles. Your ideal clients with find resonance here.


Create a brand marketing strategy and develop authentic content that will align with your ideal clients.


Effectively communicate with your ideal clients using all of the tools you possibly can including verbal, non-verbal, visual, and artistic brand storytelling.


Calculate how effective your plan is working. Do you need to re-clarify your brand strategy or are you implementing in the wrong place? There are multiple variables to consider.


Continue refining and evolving your brand marketing strategy, content, and platforms. Staying vigilant to opportunities and potential downturns can keep you ahead of your competition.

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How can the 360 Brand Evolution Platform transform your business?

Do you find yourself wondering, “How can brand marketing consulting and the 360 Brand Evolution help me achieve my goals?”
First, determine if an evolved brand is for you. Here are the foundational elements of an evolved organization:
1. Evolved business owners who live their true-self lives
2. Aligned business purpose, principle, and vision
3. Valuable products and/or services
4. Customer and community-first philosophy
If you recognize these foundational elements in your business, these brand evolution pillars have been designed for you.

Vivid Reveal will be with you every step of the way as your business brand marketing consultant.

1. First, Vivid Reveal will be your Brand Marketing Counselor. During your 360 Brand Evolution consulting sessions, we will develop and strengthen your brand identity.
2. Next, we’ll be your Brand Marketing Strategist and help you create a custom 360 Brand Evolution marketing strategy.
3. Then, as your Brand Marketing Coach, Vivid Reveal will help you implement your plan, measure how it’s working, and help you refine your next steps.
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